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You find the topics (LAWS OF THE NATURE discovered by Dietmar West, e.g.), except for The repression (suppression) law (mentioned in the head range) in my homepage or introduced and dealt with.

The there presented natural laws are not taught up to now yet at schooles and at higher teaching institutions (colleges, universities) !

If you acquire the one there (and here) offered, you can attain therefore an advantage  before all professors and scientists on the whole world in these fields of the natural science! 

I will present The repression (suppression) law in this home page in the chapter LAWS OF THE PSYCHOLOGY (E) (select to the left in the menu).

Opened: 01.09.2013

26.01.2020: Change in head area from "Wissenschaft" (Science) to "Naturwissenschaft" (Natural Science)


  • At the moment I prepare the further contents for this chapter. In order to be able to inform you on the used level, I will need still a little time. Please still come around therefore on this side at a later visit. Many thanks for your interest!

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