The Principle of all (of every) Life is the natural law how it works with every living being at the one in an organically small way developed - as e.g. bacteria -, than also with the most highly developed living beings, as the human being.

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From the principle of all life also all behaviour of living beings is explained including and in particular the behaviour of the human being! In this way this law (The principle of all life) is the most basic natural law of the science psychology.

Who ignores this law can not understand, explain and teach the experience and behaviour, and already not at all in all their contexts and  appearances such as consciousness, psyche, repression, spirit, feelings, thinking; violence, lie and deceit and so forth.


Here two of the graphic representations of this law:


The Principle of all Life - representation nr. 1

Organic (ORGANIC CONTROL CIRCUITS) and environment-related control loops (ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL CIRCUITS).

The Principle of all Life - representation nr. 1

Dietmar West founded the modern psychology based on laws of nature. This  also made psychology a natural science!

Dietmar West is the founder of the modern psychology, which is based on the natural laws description of the processes of life and of experience and behavior. He discovered several natural laws that determine life, experience and behavior. These are listed in the PREFACE (to be selected in the menu).


Due to the laws of nature discovered by Dietmar West, the science of life, experience and behavior (psychology) is comparatively at least on the level of physics after the discoveries of Isaac Newton.

Another more detailed representation

The Principle of alle Life - representation nr. 4

You can have a better picture from the representation in the following pdf-format for looking and for a print:

The Principle of all Life
as it works with the organically lowest developt living being, as with the highest organically developed living being, the human beeing.
ePaL5-2mTS1+DW.pdf [44.3 KB]
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